FHEN uses advocacy as one of the key public health tools to influence policy making processes. We work with government at different tires to create enabling environment to minimize the use of chemical pesticides in foods.

At Local and Provincial Levels

We conducted series of workshops with local and provincial government for pesticide residue measurement laboratory installment at Chitwan District to assess the Maximum Residual Limits (MRLs) in vegetables.

We facilitated to form a task force at Chitwan district and coordinated with the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives, Province 3 to develop and endorse pesticide minimization guideline.

At Central Level

We organized a National conference on pesticide and health with the theme “Multi-sector Partnership for Healthy Farming – Healthy People Through Reduction of Pesticide Use

(for details_click Conference Report).

We conducted a webinar with the theme ‘Addressing Pesticides and their Associated Harms through Multisector Approach’ to advocate to the federal government of Nepal to work jointly on the issue of ‘pesticide and health’ so as to prevent and reduce harm associated with it.

(for details_click Webinar report on Advocacy to Federal Government).