Keeping citizens rights to safe food at the core, the Farming Health and Environment(FHEN) project organized an art competition and exhibit highlighting the link between chemical pesticides and their harm to human health as a part of its advocacy plan.

As we attempt to explore more creative ways of advocating for what we believe in, FHEN organized an art exhibit and competition with the hopes of raising awareness and bringing change by means of art. We aim to combine art and social action to advocate for the issue and mobilize our efforts.

The theme for the event was “Pesticides and Human Health”.The competition was held among 19 students selected from Srijana College of Fine arts and Lalit Kala College of fine arts which included Live painting on 14th November, 2022. Similarly the paintings were kept for exhibition on 15th November 2022. Within the time duration of 5 hours, each participant  with a lot of dedication showed their innovative ideas related to the theme through their paintings. Respected judges Mrs.Sushma Rajbhandari, Mrs.Samjhana Rajbhandari and Dr.Mahesh Maskey choosed the talents on the basis of event theme, level of creativity/originality and the quality of artwork and their artistic skills. Miss Puja Maharjan won the first place, Miss Shreemila Shrestha won the second place and Mr. Kshitiz Limbu won third place. Respected Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Mr. Kancha Kumar Karmacharya and respected chief guest Mr. Kiran Manandar awarded all the winners with a prize. We thanked all the guests, members, judges and every respected personnels for their support and ended the program successfully. 

Therefore, through this entire event, we aim to raise awareness among the mass about the harms of chemical pesticides to human health. We hope to make consumers aware of their consumption of pesticides exposed to food and make them more concerned about their role in driving demand for pesticide free foods. Nepal Public Health Foundation(NPHF) also hopes that this exhibit has served as a platform for up-and-coming artists.