Impact On Pesticide Spray Workers

Change in knowledge of sprayers

Pre-Test 73%
Post-Test 83%

Use of personal protective equipment increased by them and some had also shifted on other work. In total 21 spray workers were trained and after the training, change in knowledge regarding the pesticide use and its proper application increased by 10%. The most change seen in sprayers was that they began to notice the label of pesticide and indications.



Case Story

Mr. Phirilla Mardaniya was a pesticide sprayer as well as a farmer engaged in the banana farming. Phirilla used to spray pesticides in his neighbours’ crop fields and later only in his crop field without using any safety measures. As a result, he got to see different types of allergies in his body during that time.

After obtaining the IPM training, according to his wife, Mr. Phirilla got fully aware of ill-effects of pesticide sprayer and always used all safety measures while spraying and used to keep the tank cleaning with water in a separate room away from their living house to avoid pungent smell.