Report on School Health Program in Shree Jana Jivan Higher Secondary School, Khairahani Municipality

Report on School Health Program in Shree Jana Jivan Higher Secondary School, Khairahani Municipality


 On 23rd June 2023, a school health program was conducted at Shree Jana Jivan Higher Secondary School. The program aimed to raise awareness among students in grades 9 and 10 about the effects of pesticides on health and the environment. As part of the program, an art competition was held, allowing students to express their understanding of the topic through creative means.


The main objective of the school health program were:

  • To educate students about the potential risks associated with pesticide use and its impact on both human health and the environment.
  • By organizing the art competition, the program aimed to encourage students to explore this topic and express their thoughts and concerns creatively.


The school health program took place within the premises of Shree Jana Jivan Higher Secondary School. The school provided a suitable environment for the event, ensuring that all necessary facilities were available. The program was held in the school library, which was spacious enough to accommodate the participants, teachers, staff, and other attendees.


The program targeted students from grades 9 and 10, with a total of 16 participants taking part in the art competition. These students were selected based on their interest and willingness to engage in the topic of the effects of pesticides. The participants came from various backgrounds, bringing diverse perspectives to the competition. All participants were enthusiastic and eager to showcase their artistic skills and knowledge about the subject.



Welcoming Remarks and Acknowledgments

At the commencement of the school health program held at Shree Jana Jivan Higher Secondary School on 23rd June 2023, Ms. Seema B.K., project officer, initiated the event by extending a heartfelt welcome to all the participants. She took a moment to express her appreciation to Ms. Anjana Acharya, the head teacher of the school, for her invaluable support in coordinating the art competition.


Session on Pesticides: Introduction, Mode of Entry, and Effects on Health and Environment

During the program, Miss Seema B.K., the project officer of FHEN, delivered a significant session on pesticides. She provided a concise overview of pesticides, emphasizing its definition, itspurpose and usage particularly in agriculture. She underscored the critical importance of comprehending the potential risks associated with pesticide use.

She explained the pathways through which pesticides can enter the human body, highlighting the diverse means by which individuals can come into contact with these chemicals. She elucidated the potential health effects of pesticides on humans, encompassing both immediate and long-term impacts.

Furthermore, sheshed light on the detrimental environmental consequences arising from pesticide use. She described upon the contamination of soil, water bodies, and the overall ecosystem caused by these chemicals, elucidating the adverse effects on plants, animals, and biodiversity.

Overall, this session on the introduction of pesticides, their mode of entry into the human body, and their effects on health and the environment played a crucial role in raising awareness among the participants and setting the stage for the art competition that followed.

Art Competition and Awards

 The highlight of the school health program was the art competition, where the students were given the opportunity to create artworks related to the effects of pesticides on health and the environment. The participants showcased their creativity through paintings, drawings, and other visual art forms. The students were provided with drawing materials by NPHF and 90 minutes was allocated for the competition.

The artworks were evaluated based on the followings:

  1. Knowledge and creativity
  2. Awareness and Clarity
  3. Art Skills
  4. Visual Impact

Each points were assigned 5 marks. The arts were evaluated by two school teachers and two FHEN staffs to select the winners.


The program was closed by Ms. AnjanaPoudel, the head teacher, with a heartfelt thanks to NPHF and all the participants for the effort and contribution to the program. She appreciated the effort of NPHF to conduct awareness programs and wished us best for our upcoming programs.


The school health program conducted at Shree Jana Jivan Higher Secondary School on 23rd June 2023 was a successful event aimed at raising awareness about the effects of pesticides on health and the environment. Through the art competition, students were able to express their understanding and concerns regarding the topic in a creative and visually appealing manner. The program provided an excellent platform for students to learn and engage with important health and environmental issues. By recognizing the participants’ efforts through awards and certificates, the event encouraged further participation and involvement in future initiatives. Overall, the school health program served its objective of educating students about the impacts of pesticide use and fostering their artistic expression.

23rd June 2023

Organized By:

Farming,Health and Environment Nepal Project

Nepal Public Health Foundation

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